Art 2 Final Portfolio

1.I think this was the most successful piece I made. The theme was scientific and I chose the biohazard symbol. The process i went through to make this was using circles and commpasses. The material I used was charcoal because I wanted it to look dark with defined edges. I outlined the shape with a light drawing pencil and then filled it in with charcoal.the outside was filled in last because the outside before was to empty. Finally I wrote some random lines in the center ring.

2.I feel that this was the least successful. I think this is least successful because the colors look like they are separated. The words are different sizes. The shadows are to dark. The bottom of the can is separate from the rest. If I had to something differently I would be to use less colors. Also I would blend more. That is what I would do differently.  

3. I think these show growth. I think this because they are in my opinion the most successful. The spider was showing growth because I got better with it as I went along. I got better with blending. The beehive shows growth because I got better at blending paint. I got better at controlling my brush strokes. I got better at showing depth. That is why I think these show the most growth.

 4.I think the man was beneficial because I got better with blending. I learned to paint dark colors first. Also to paint more precisely. The lolly pop helped in my opinion. It showed shading. It also showed detail and to plan your drawing in pencil. I think I did well on the lolly pop with the details. I think theses were beneficial.

5.My favorite medium was chalk. This is because it shows up bright. Also because it is easy to blend. It can make different colors more easily than the other mediums. It is easy to make details in the chalk. chalk ins my favorite because I feel comfortable with it. It is colorful and bright. That is why it is my favorite.

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