Monday, June 1, 2015


For my rhino I used what i learned from my boat I made out of plaster.

if i could do this over i would go slower and take my time with it.

the medium I likes working with the most was plaster and clay. I used it the most and it is what I was best with.

the project I learned the most from was the relief project. I used a similar technique with the plaster project.

a technique I used well was sculpting an relief carving. I had the most fun doing those projects.


for the plaster peace i made a tablet with a carving with a wolf on it. the part i had a hard time trouble with was making small details in the plaster.


I made a cardboard house out of cardboard. I wanted it to be collapsible so its easier to carry so i made each wall separately and I connected each with a wire ring I made.


I made a knight's helmet out of a soda can that I got. first i sanded the paint from the outside of the can to make it grey and more like a helmet. the n i made eyes an cut the bottom to make it have more of a different shape. Then I got another can and made an iron cross like on real knights helmets.