Monday, September 23, 2013

Lost Art

Lost Art

Things are always becoming lost and getting found. This is true for most things. People aren’t perfect and will occasionally lose things, even art. This has happened recently with a Van Gogh panting found in a Norwegian attic.
An example is Van Gogh’s Still Life with Flowers that was brought in by a couple after they found it in their house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Russell Tether Fine Art). This is similar to what happened to the Van Gogh’s piece that was found in a Norway attic. Another painting found in a strange place is the Doorman’s Corot found in a bush between two buildings (Listverse). A redwood carving made by African American artist Sargent Johnson was sold for $150 and was lost for 25 years (BuzzFeed). Normally, great pieces aren’t found like this but when they are they can end up in interesting places. They can be sold in flea markets or hung in someone’s house without them knowing.
People aren’t perfect and will occasionally misplace things. Art can be lost and turn up in very interesting places. Art can be found in odd places from attics to a shrubs. Great artwork can be found in the most improbable places. 

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