Art 1 Portfolio

1. favorite material 

The favorite material i used was cardbord. the reason is because it can be a good material for a structure.
Also it can be used as something to make an emphasis on a painting. My favorite project that used 
cardboard was the marble drop. The reason is because it was actually making a structure out of 
cardboard. For my marbel drop i used cardboard tubs in a cardboard box. Cardboard is sturdy and keeps 
its shape. That is why it is my favorite.

2. least favorite material 
(Photo Pending)
the least favorite material we used this semester  was clay. It was hard to use. It was messy and hard to 
work with. Also it had to stay wet or it would fall apart. Another thing is the posibility that the pice will 
crack. It took a long time to fire in the kiln as well. It was hard to put two seperate pices together. also it 
dried easily. I didn't like it.

3.growth and development

The project I think showed the most growth is the contour lines. The reason I think this is because it 
showed progrestion in what we did starting the class and near the end. It also was one of my favorite. 
This is because it was the easiest for me. It showed objects getting bigger and smaller. It showed depth.
It made people use creative ideas. it showed curves and actions in figures. That is why I think it showed 
the most growth.

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